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Max Verstappen in Software Developing

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, though about the universe I'm still not quite sure.

© Albert Einstein

Dmitry Kulikov


do you need a fantastic web-developer?

Please, think about the following two questions.

1. Which wine do you prefer to have on Christmas?
A. 2023 Beaujolais
B. 1961 Bordeaux

2. If you are going to build a house which team will you choose? The one that built
A. only 1 or 2 houses;
B. more than 20 houses.

If both answers are B, you need me, since the number of my successful projects is approaching 20.


• More than 15 years of solid software development mostly with Ruby on Rails.
• Great experience in full-stack web development alone as well as in a team.
• Successful Experience in project management with KANBAN and SCRUM.
• More than 15 years of SQL queries creation and optimization.
• Great experience in code refactoring.
• Strong skills in software architecture design, including multi-tier and multi-threaded architecture.
• The degree in Computer Science from Moscow University of Electronic Engineering. Deep knowledge in the theory of computations, graph theory.
• I use Linux on all my machines.
• Technologies: Ruby on rails, haml, sass, jquery, vue.js, etc.
• BDD/TDD: Rspec, capybara, shoulda, factory_girl, guard.
• Administration: Apache, nginx, Postix, Exim, etc.
• Databases: ORACLE, PostgreSQL, MySQL, others. Query optimization.
• Development tools: git, gem, rvm, rake, bundle, full unix console.


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